Special Project Services

Yakka have a range of specialist demolition plant which gives us the ability to provide our clients with an in-house solution for some of the more challenging demolition projects in New Zealand.

These include:

  • A 250T crawler crane with a 90m boom and 30m fly gib for those extremely high and difficult to reach projects.
  • Underwater wire saw. The only one in New Zealand and imperative for any marine demolition contract
  • A full complement of concrete saws, including electric drive, to cover any type of situation
  • Asbestos equipment. This includes NPU’s, decontamination units, +ve pressure masks, and all specific Asbestos removal gear.
  • In-house heavy haulage. Our fleet is ready and able to deliver the big guns anywhere anytime.
  • Mobile concrete crusher. A fast and efficient on site solution to break down the mass.